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You want to book a minibus as part of a great occasion like a wedding, a birthday, or professionally such as a convention, because a bus has too much capacity and rent several minibuses would be too expensive? It is a great idea! Moreover, by renting a 17-seater minibus with Rentalisa, you get access to a large number of options that facilitate your travels, whether for a day or for a week. This will also allow you to minimize the tolls, fuel, rental, etc…

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  • Kilometrage illimité Possibilité de modifications Possibilité d'annualtion Couverture partielle en cas de collision Assurance dommages et vol Responsabilité civile incluse Carburant fournit plein à rendre plein Lieu de livraison à préciser avant arrivée Frais hors horaires non comprise

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